The Tower and Vestry

The vestry is at the base of the tower and the spiral stairway to the belfry has its opening at the corner of the west wall. There are six bells hung in the tower and a priest’s ting-tang bell is hung in the window of the room below.

A bell, probably a survivor of the curfew, was rung every morning at 4.00 o'clock and every evening at 8.00 o’clock. The morning bell ceased many years ago but the evening bell continued to be rung well into the 1960s. The ringer of the evening bell was given the field at the corner at fire main road to Grantham which was called ‘The Day Bell Close’.

In the vestry below the tower are two funeral escutcheons of members of the Gregory family. It was customary for these boards to be hung for one year over the main door of the deceased person and then hung in church. Also on the vestry wall is a table of benefactors to the parish.

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