The Harlaxton Church History booklet is a new printing (in 2018) of the Harlaxton Church History compiled by James Murden with Stephen Crane and we are deeply grateful to Peter Spiegl for arranging this edition. Our sincere thanks also to Jill Halliwell for writing the new appendix on the stained glass. An English parish church is more than a repository of local history. It is a symbol of the presence of God and the focus of local religious awareness. In many people's minds it is also the single building which most characterizes a particular town or village.

The parish church is therefore the peculiar meeting-point of the Infinite and the Familiar, a place where ordinary life can be consecrated to God. A well-kept church like Harlaxton glorifies God.

Those who are its guardians today are in a long line of succession of people who have made St Mary & St Peter, Harlaxton what it now is and those who worship are part of the great army of saints marching from the very beginning of Christianity in England on towards a future which God holds in store.

It is our privilege to carry the torch in the early part of the twenty-first century for future generations who will regard our times as being as remote as we now find the middle ages. What else that we do is so enduring?

If you are able, please help us to maintain this church by making a personal donation — small or large, it will be warmly appreciated.


I will add photographs to the individual contents pages in due course. If anyone has any decent photographs of any aspect of the church described in the contents, please let me know. Thank you.


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