Prayer and Worship

Regular Worship at Harlaxton

1st Sunday - 10:30am Harlac's Song (Non Eucharistic Family Service)

2nd Sunday - 10:30am (Common Worship) Holy Communion

3rd Sunday - 10:30am Sunday Praise (Non Eucharistic Service)
                           6:00pm Taizé Prayer

4th Sunday - 10:30am (Common Worship) Holy Communion
                           6:00pm  Benefice Prayer and Praise*

All the morning Sunday services have hymns and a sermon.

5th Sunday - 10.30am - A Group Service is held at one of the Harlaxton Group churches, alternating between them - see "Calendar" for details.

Although this is the usual Sunday pattern or our services, these do change from time to time, so please check our Calendar in the menu at the top for the current list of services both here and at the other churches in the Group.

We also have:

- Mid Week communion -10.00am Wednesday each week, except the first week of the month when it is at Denton St Andrew.
- Daily Celtic Prayer - 9:30am every weekday morning on Facebook LIve

* The Benefice Prayer and Praise is a service with contemporary, Holy Spirit led worship and prayer. This benefice service is held in different churces in the wider WGGV - see the Calendar for details.

Services from HARLAXTON church continue to be live streamed online when possible with FaceBook, click this link to follow live at the appropriate time, or to catch-up after the event.

WhatsApp Prayer Group

Since the beginning of the Lockdown in March 2020 a WhatsApp group was created that "meets" at around 9:30am each morning (Sunday to Saturday) to say Morning Prayer and mid to late evening to say Night Prayer together as a group. Each prayer time takes no more than 5 or 6 minutes - although the Prayer can be said at any time!

Also from Monday to Saturday inclusive this morning prayer is also transmitted Live via the Harlaxton Group's Facebook page.

The texts of these prayers are mostly from the Northumbrian Community Celtic prayers. 

How to join

You will need to have a 'smart phone' - i.e. that can download the WhatsApp app - Apple or Android for example - and then simply contact 07947 156933, via WhatsApp message, text or email - John Bruce - and he will add you to the group.


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